4 Reasons Why Buying a Smartwatch is a Pretty Smart Thing in 2023

4 Reasons Why Buying a Smartwatch is a Pretty Smart Thing in 2023

Before we jump to the benefits of owning a smartwatch, let’s just admit that a smartwatch looks cool on the wrist! Haha. There is no denying that a stylish smartwatch goes well with your eastern and western outfits and adds jazz to your look. And that saves you the trouble of changing or taking off your regular watch just because it doesn’t really fit well with your look.

Anyhoo. We were just having fun there. Digital smartwatches are so much more than just fancy accessories. They add convenience to your life and organize your everyday tasks so you face less panicky situations.

Smart mobile watches are no longer about time only. In fact, smartwatches are literally mini smartphones with crazy cool features. But finding an affordable smartwatch in Pakistan is a challenge. We will talk about it at the end of the article.

Let’s talk about why you’ve to buy a smartwatch this year!

Get a Smartwatch Cause….

We shortlisted some (of the many. Hehe) reasons that make smartwatches a useful gadget to own.

    • Receive & Respond to Calls/Messages
    • Track & Monitor Your Physical Activity
    • Track & Monitor Your Sleep
    • Get Push Notifications, Alarm, Reminders, & More

    Smart Watches Help You Receive & Respond to Calls & Messages

    We all know that Gen Z loves keeping the phone on silent. Unlike your parents who have a full-volume – on speaker policy for calls and videos, you probably don’t even know which ringtone you have. And that means you almost never pick up calls on time. If your friends and family complain about that a tad too much, a smartwatch will solve that for you.

    Branded smartwatches are equipped with BT calling that allows users to receive and reject calls directly from the smartwatch screen. So even if you don’t have the phone in your hand, you can still take calls.

    But. You can no longer say “My phone didn’t ring!” in case you’re ignoring someone’s call and they call you out, you know.

    Smart Watches Help You Track Your Daily Physical Activity

    You can definitely show off your workouts and physical activity with screenshots on your Instagram story. Just kidding.

    Your smartwatch will track your physical activity, for example, the total number of steps taken in a day using a pedometer and the total calories burned. You can also see the weekly and monthly trends of your activity. Depending on the model and price of a smartwatch, you can also record specific workouts, such as Rowing Machine, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Walk, Elliptical, and so on.

    This will help you set and track your fitness goals. And with reminders, you’d be reminded to keep moving to achieve your daily goals. 

    Smart Watches Help You Track Your Sleep

    With sleep tracking, your smartwatch records your sleep quality, duration, phases, and more. With the smartwatch on, you will know how well you slept. Smartwatches use different sensors to record sleep data, such as via actigraphy. It assesses your body movement and heart rate to identify your sleep patterns and cycles.

    And with sleep tracking, you will get a better understanding of your stress levels and more.

    Here are some things your smartwatch will record about your sleep:

    • The duration of your sleep
    • The quality of your sleep
    • The number of times your sleep was interrupted
    • The duration of light, REM, and deep sleep
    • And more

      Smart Watches Keep it All on Your Wrist

      Best of the best smartwatches are almost as good as smartphones and lower the need to always have your phone in your hand.

      Let’s call it a mini smartphone. You will receive notifications for social media, so you won’t miss that friend request or Instagram story tag. With an in-built alarm, your Bluetooth smart watch will vibrate or ring, making sure you are up and on time. So no more getting late for your classes or arriving two hours later for meetups.

      Let’s Find You a Smartwatch in Pakistan

      Smartwatches in Pakistan have become super popular. You’ll see interesting straps for smartwatches too, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of smartwatches among youngsters.

      But while we are talking about it, let’s talk about finding the right smartwatch for yourself. You will see hundreds of rip-off smartwatches in Pakistan, claiming to be just as good as some top-tier brands. You know what we are talking about, don’t you?

      Zero smartwatches are designed keeping in mind Gen Z! We are proud to be a lifestyle brand that you’d be proud to own – that’s a promise!

      But we’d let you find a smartwatch online for yourself. No pushing. See some cool Zero watches online!

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