Looking for a Smartwatch? Here is What to Look for!

Looking for a Smartwatch? Here is What to Look for!

The conversation about having a smartwatch is long gone. We know it’s a pretty cool accessory that has some amazing features that can truly add value to your everyday stuff. We recently talked about reasons for buying a smartwatch. If you're done with that, let's delve into the features that you need to focus on before purchasing. 

Anyhoo. You should buy a smartwatch, and that’s sorted already. But with so many options in the market, finding one that’s value for money and fits your budget is the real deal. If you type ‘best smartwatches in Pakistan’ you will see every other website selling some kind of smartwatch. If we exclude those top smartwatches (let’s not name them. Haha), you have tons of non-branded and rip-offs available in the market. We even saw some websites selling smartwatches for less than a thousand bucks. IMAGINE!

To make sure you don’t waste your money, read this blog for the cheat sheet to find the best smartwatch for yourself!

The Smartwatch Brand

Always do your research on the smartwatch brand before buying a smartwatch. You must know if the smartwatch you are about to purchase is launched by a well-reputed brand or just some company that you can find nothing about on Google. A good brand will always have a well-designed website, an active social media presence, and some reviews here and there.

A good tech brand will never be too hard to find out about.

Bluetooth Calling

If you have a smartwatch on, you shouldn’t have to grab your phone for calling. Look for a smartwatch with single-chip BT calling so you can make and take calls directly from your smartwatch. You should also be able to view your call logs on your smartwatch and even mark some contacts as favorites for quick calling. No smartwatch is fun without Bluetooth calling.

And with the BT calling feature, you will not miss calls nor will you need to have your phone in your hand all the time.

Battery Life

What a turn-off if your smartwatch has amazing features but the battery barely lasts a day?! You don’t want an extra gadget to charge every day with your phone. Sooo. Make sure that the smartwatch you are looking for has a battery life of at least 7 days. You shouldn’t have to worry about charging your smartwatch for a week.

Never compromise on the battery life. You need added convenience not another hassle. And oh, it must charge faster.

Fitness & Sport Modes

Fitness is a core smartwatch feature that you should definitely judge the smartwatch on. If you believe that a smartwatch that counts your daily steps and tracks your calories is wow, you are settling for less. Your smartwatch should have tons of sport modes to accurately track your fitness, calories burnt, and more. Look for 100+ sport modes in your smartwatch, so it records all your cardios, pilates, and whatnot.

Also, your smartwatch shouldn’t be sensitive to dust, water, and moisture. That sweat shouldn’t come in its way, you know.

Sleep Tracking

Your sleeping behavior tells a lot about your health and wellness, so make sure the smartwatch you buy has a high-tech sleep-tracking feature. The smartwatch should be able to record your sleep behavior, including quality and quantity of sleep, heart rate during the sleep period, and more. The insights will help you take better control of your health.

You are sleeping but your smartwatch shouldn’t.

Music Control

Let’s say you are running on the treadmill and you need to switch to a better track. Taking your phone out, to just press that ‘Next’ icon is just too much hassle. So, while you’re searching for a smartwatch, go for one that lets you control your music while on the go. Play, pause, change tracks or altogether stop, a smartwatch isn’t smart enough if it doesn’t let you do things in just a tap or two.


Now, this is something that (should) take the cake for any smartwatch that exists in the market. If you have a smartwatch and it doesn’t notify you about the latest scoop from your desired apps, then the best place for it is off your wrist and in your bin. Getting the latest notifications is something you should be able to do anytime anywhere, and a good smartwatch always lets you do it that way.

And we don’t want to make it all about us, but Zero Lifestyle  has smartwatches that best fit these things. Have a look!

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