7 Ways to Improve Your Fitness with a Smartwatch

7 Ways to Improve Your Fitness with a Smartwatch

You know what’s the fun part about technology? You can do a lot on your own with some help from digital platforms. YouTube tutorials are just one example of how you can have an amazing fitness regime without hitting the gym. You can learn and do so much from the comfort of your home. The same way smartwatches can up your fitness game with next-gen monitoring and tracking, and also motivate you to get up and meet your goals.

If you are planning to buy a smartwatch, know that it will become your fitness friend. While we've covered a titsy bitsy related to fitness in the previous blog covering why you should purchase a smartwatch in the first place, here's a detailed insight on how you can improve your fitness with a smartwatch on your wrist.

Let’s talk about how your smartwatch will help you get your fitness game up.

Step Counting

If you have seen your friends boast about their 10k steps and wondering how that works, let us tell you. Your smartwatch tracks your activity throughout and that literally means it tracks every step you take. Once you get a smartwatch, you can set up your daily step count goal. 10,000 steps per day is a good goal to have.

Anyhoo. Once you buy a smartwatch, set up your daily goals. Your smartwatch will remind you to complete your steps, notify you when you have successfully met your goal, and encourage you to maintain your streak.

Sport Modes

A good smartwatch will have a tremendous amount of sport modes, at least 100. On a different note, if you want to know what to look for in a smartwatch, we recently wrote a detailed piece on it. Give it a read.

Okay so, with various sport modes, you can monitor and track your workout accurately. For example, whether you are swimming, playing tennis, or walking, your smartwatch will have a sport mode that will track your workout accordingly, ensuring effective calculation of calories burned, heart rate changes, workout pace, and more.

So, if it says you burned 450 calories in cardio, you should know you definitely did.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Your smartwatch will monitor your heart rate at all times. Its monitoring during workouts helps you get a hang of your workout regime and gives insights into your health and fitness. With heart rate monitoring, you can optimize your workouts to get the best results. For example, you would know when to stop and take rest, which exercises increase your heart rate the most, and more.

You will get insightful data via your smartwatch, such as your recovery heart rate and how it has changed as your fitness improves.

Oxygen Levels & Sleep Monitoring

Your smartwatch analyzes your oxygen levels and provides real-time blood oxygen level monitoring and with its sleep monitoring feature that helps you stay healthy by assessing your sleep data. Good sleep is essential for health and the data helps you make smarter physical and mental choices.

Activity History

Your smartwatch monitors your activity every day and keeps a track of your pattern. This gives you insights into your fitness behavior and helps you make smarter choices. For example, you will know on which days are you most likelty to miss a workout and which exercises burn the most calories for you.

With your activity history in hand, you will make informed health and fitness choices for yourself. You will know when you are most active and which hours tend to have the least activity from your end.

Female Health Tracking

Smartwatch go all in femal health and fitness with menstrual cycle tracking. It tracks your cycle, predicts your next menstrual cycle date based on the history, and helps plan your fitness journey accordingly. It makes your ovulation calendar as well and helps you calculate and predict symptoms ahead of time.

You can use this data to plan your activities, pre-plan your routine, and take control of your health.

Music Control

We all love drowning in music when working out. A good playlist that motivates you to take that extra rep or continue for another five minutes. And what’s even better is that you can control the music from your smartwatch without having to pick up your phone. You can keep your phone in the locker and do everything you need in the gym with your smartwatch, including changing tracks, stopping the music, and changing the volume.

With music control, you can focus on your workout while all the other stuff is taken care of.

Let your fitness journey be on track with cutting-edge technology. Zero Lifestyle has got some super cool smartwatches for you. Have a look.


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