Careem & Zero Lifestyle Join Hands: 30% Off on Rides for Asia Cup 2023

Careem & Zero Lifestyle Join Hands: 30% Off on Rides for Asia Cup 2023

Hey there, tech enthusiasts and trendsetters! By now you must have already heard about the exciting collaboration, but just in case you haven’t, let us share the news with you.

Zero Lifestyle and Careem teamed up for a collaboration, making Asia Cup memorable 2023 for cricket enthusiasts. It's like when two powerhouses unite to make the experience incredible for Cricket fans.

Picture this: the innovation-packed brilliance of Zero's high-tech smartwatches combined with Careem's world-famous ridesharing magic. The two took cricket lovers on a thrilling journey that made Asia Cup 2023 an exciting experience.

Let’s not make you wait anymore and share what Zero Lifestyle and Careem did for Asia Cup 2023.

The Epic Collab for Asia Cup 2023

The collaboration between Zero Lifestyle and Careem for the Asia Cup 2023 was nothing short of extraordinary, and here are all the exciting details you need to know:

Exclusive 30% Discount

Careem rolled out the red carpet for all our Zero enthusiasts. People travelling to or from Dolmen Mall Clifton and Dolmen Mall Tariq Road could simply use the promo code "RIDEZERO," and enjoy a fantastic 30% discount on your ride.

That's right; Cricket fans experiences the convenience of Careem's ridesharing service while saving big. And what’s better to watch the match on a big screen with other cricket fanatics?

Max Cap & Usage

To sweeten the deal, there was a maximum cap of PKR 150 per transaction, ensuring that you get the most out of your discount.

Plus, you could use the "RIDEZERO" promo code up to 4 times during the Asia Cup tournament, so you could enjoy the savings again and again!

And everyone loved the 30% discount and watching the match in Dolmen Mall Clifton or Dolmen Mall Tariq Road to watch Asia Cup 2023 on the amazing setup hosted by Zero Lifestyle.

Offer Valid till the Final

And we understood that the Asia Cup excitement was running high, and that's why Careem's "RIDEZERO" promo code was active throughout the entire tournament.

Whether people were heading catching the match on the big screen or visiting Dolmen Clifton or Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, the discounted Careem ride was just a few taps away.

This collaboration was all about enhancing your Asia Cup experience, making it more convenient, and saving you money along the way.

Did you benefit from the collab between Zero Lifestyle and Careem for the Asia Cup 2023?

Something for the Careem Captains

Zero Lifestyle is proud to announce a heartwarming initiative as part of our collaboration with Careem. We equipped Careem captains with our cutting-edge smartwatches, empowering them to stay seamlessly connected, enhance their ride experience, and embrace the smart life.

These smartwatches are not just gadgets but a game-changer for Careem captains. With instant connectivity at their fingertips, they can efficiently manage rides, receive real-time updates, and ensure passengers have a smooth journey. Navigation becomes a breeze, allowing captains to take optimal routes and reduce travel time.

But it's not all business - our smartwatches also offer a dash of entertainment and convenience. Captains can enjoy music, receive notifications, and stay in touch with loved ones during their breaks, all from their wrists. It's about improving their lives.

This initiative reflects our commitment to creating a smarter and more connected world, where everyone, including Careem captains, can enjoy the benefits of high-tech innovation. Together with Careem, we're paving the way for a brighter, more connected future, where everyone can live a smart life.

In this unique partnership between Zero Lifestyle and Careem, we are not just redefining mobility and smart living but also fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

Together, we are driving towards a future where technology enriches lives, one ride, and one smartwatch at a time.





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