The Bata x Zero Lifestyle Saga at Asia Cup 2023

The Bata x Zero Lifestyle Saga at Asia Cup 2023

At Zero Lifestyle, we are always on the lookout for exciting partnerships that enhance your lifestyle and we continued this vision during the Asia Cup 2023.

We are thrilled to reminisce about the incredible collaboration we had during the Asia Cup 2023 with none other than the iconic brand, Bata! While the tournament may be in the past, the impact of this partnership is still worth celebrating.

Zero and Bata Join Hands for an Exciting Partnership

Screen-Stealing Advertisements

Throughout the Asia Cup tournament, Bata's advertisements took center stage on our screens, making a bold statement. Bata's elegant designs and stylish footwear choices added a touch of class and sophistication to the event.

These captivating visuals not only maximized brand visibility but also left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance, showcasing the perfect blend of fashion and technology.

Social Media Buzz

The collaboration between Bata and Zero Lifestyle generated quite the buzz across our social media platforms. We created engaging posts and stories to highlight this exciting partnership.

From sneak peeks behind the scenes to exclusive glimpses of the Asia Cup action, our combined audience got a taste of the ultimate style fusion. It was a journey filled with anticipation and shared enthusiasm.

Exclusive Brand Activities

Bata seized the opportunity to carry out exclusive brand activities during our activations. With the assistance of our talented hosts, these activities added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Attendees had the chance to experience Bata's unique offerings firsthand, from shoe fittings to style consultations. It was an immersive experience that perfectly blended fashion and technology.

Onsite Brand Presence

Our activations at Dolmen Mall featured targeted onsite brand shout-outs, effectively reaching and resonating with the mall's diverse audience. The Bata logo proudly adorned our media wall, serving as a visual testament to the powerful synergy between our brands.

It was a visual delight that left a lasting impression on everyone who visited.

Exclusive Discounts for Bata Club Members

As a special gesture, Bata Club members enjoyed an exclusive 10% discount on all Zero Lifestyle watches.

This exclusive offer not only celebrated the spirit of collaboration but also strengthened customer loyalty and engagement. It was a win-win situation, where our customers got to enjoy the best of both worlds: stylish footwear from Bata and high-tech smartwatches from Zero Lifestyle.

Although the Asia Cup 2023 may be a fond memory now, the impact of the Bata x Zero Lifestyle collaboration continues to inspire us.

Stay tuned for more exciting partnerships and innovations as we continue our journey to enhance your lifestyle!

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