Zero x Tapmad: A Fun-Filled Collab for Asia Cup 2023

Zero x Tapmad: A Fun-Filled Collab for Asia Cup 2023

In the realm of digital entertainment, our groundbreaking collaboration with Tapmad during the Asia Cup 2023 left an unforgettable mark. It wasn't just a partnership, it was a meeting of minds that set the stage for innovation and entertainment to thrive, bringing the world of technology and digital streaming together.

An Amazing Collab

Free Smartwatches for Tapmad’s Campaign

We provided Tapmad with three of our cutting-edge smartwatches to be used as hampers for their campaign. These smartwatches weren't just gifts but represented our shared commitment to innovation and technology.

It was a symbol of our mutual appreciation for the collaboration and a glimpse of the remarkable journey that lay ahead.

A Digital Entertainment Extravaganza

Tapmad, known for its dynamic digital entertainment platform, hosted the live screening of the Asia Cup 2023. It was a spectacle that drew audiences from all corners of the digital world.

As viewers immersed themselves in the cricketing action, our collaboration seamlessly integrated into the experience. Zero Lifestyle added to the digital experience with its high-tech smartwatches.

Brand Synergy

This partnership wasn't just about free watches but about two brands coming together to create something extraordinary. Zero Lifestyle and Tapmad brought their unique strengths to the table.

While Tapmad wowed audiences with its streaming prowess, Zero Lifestyle added a layer of sophistication and style to the experience. It was a fusion that showcased the best of both worlds, enhancing the overall experience for viewers.

Zero Lifestyle has become Pakistan's fastest-growing brand by teaming up with big companies like Bata and Tapmad. These partnerships show that Zero Lifestyle is dedicated to bringing innovation and style to people's lives.

They make high-tech products that are popular in Pakistan and help improve the way people live and use technology. With each collaboration, Zero Lifestyle is making life better for people in Pakistan and showing that they are a leader in creating innovative and stylish products.

Stay tuned for more thrilling collaborations and innovations as we remain dedicated to enhancing your digital entertainment experience!

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