Founder of Zero Lifestyle, Daniyal Naeem’s story of starting at zero…

Founder of Zero Lifestyle, Daniyal Naeem’s story of starting at zero…

It all started with Daniyal Naeem’s vision to bring fast fashion and high-end wearable tech products to Pakistan. Daniyal is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Pakistan, and as a hustler and a doer himself, he believes in moving forward in life and not being afraid of starting from zero. It wasn’t long ago when Daniyal started at zero himself with just one thing in mind – bringing top-tier wearable tech to Pakistan.

Growing up, Daniyal has been a true hustler. Be it as a student going the extra mile or a teenager who wanted to make a difference in whatever capacity he could, he is always on the lookout for doing something different. And by doing things differently, you always have to push harder. Nothing great comes out of your comfort zone and Daniyal is a true example of that. At the age of 18, he already knew what he wanted to do. 3 years later, he is launching the best smartwatches in Pakistan, making technology accessible to everyone.

Today, we are proud to announce that Zero Lifestyle is launching in Pakistan and we have some of the most amazing products, thanks to the dream and vision of Daniyal Naeem. We started at zero and are about to make history in Pakistan. And what’s fun is that so many people have stories to share from their hustling times and how they started at zero and made their way to the top.

In one of the candid conversations with the team during the ideation phase of our smartwatches, Daniyal told us that when he imagines people using Zero products, he sees them flaunting them proudly. For him, it’s not about selling Zero products but adding convenience, comfort, and style to their lives. Introducing high-tech smartwatches in Pakistan is a big and bold move and Daniyal is confident that everyone who loves smartwatches and fast fashion will connect with Zero Lifestyle.

As a Gen Z hustler himself, Daniyal knows the passion and love of Gen Z for fast fashion and modern technology, but of course, affordability often becomes a hindrance. So, the plan is to make technology accessible to everyone and make the hustle a little easier for everyone.

Zero products are for hustlers, doers, and lovers of fast fashion. And as a young entrepreneur, Daniyal too is a hustler and doer. Just a few days ago, we shared a little glimpse of our brand story and Daniyal’s vision on social media and guest what?

We got unbelievable coverage on it. But that’s not the catch. Just around the same time, the national team’s fast bowler, Shaheen Shah Afridi, shared a tweet about his journey and how he started from zero. The tweet had a photo from the times when he was hustling. And that instantly clicked.

His story was so much like Daniyal’s. Starting at zero, hustling, and thriving. So, Daniyal tweeted back, inviting Shaheen Shah Afridi, to meet.

What happened next is another story. We can’t wait to share that too.

We loved how so many influencers and media houses could relate to it. Some of the top media houses that were all praises for Zero include Runway Pakistan, Startup Pakistan, ProPakistani, Brandsynario, Hello Pakistan, Tribune Edit, People Magazine Pakistan, FHM Pakistan, Mangobaaz, TechJuice, and more.

We’d like to hear your story of starting from zero! Comment with your stories.


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