Buzz Max – The Ultimate Style Icon Smartwatch for Gen Z

Buzz Max – The Ultimate Style Icon Smartwatch for Gen Z

Let’s talk about Buzz Max, one of the best smartwatches in Pakistan to have been launched so far. And we say that from experience. This smartwatch is definitely a must-have for more than a handful of reasons. If you are looking for the best smartwatch in Pakistan, you might have found your best option. It’s affordable, comes with exciting features, and looks great on your wrist.

And you will feel the same once we walk you through the list of features. Let’s roll!

The Best Smartwatch in Pakistan – Buzz Max

Here is why your next buy has to be Zero Buzz Max!

Absolutely stylish outlook

If you have been looking for a smartwatch that looks a perfect fit on all western and desi outfits, you just got lucky. Buzz Max is a beauty with a sleek curved screen that speaks of premiumness. Designed to perfection, Buzz Max is available in five amazing colors. Pick between Jet Black, Blue, Silver Grey, Beige, and Red. 

A bigger display

Everything looks better on a 1.91” HD display! This mega-sized display has a curved glass screen that gives you the feel of those super expensive smartwatches. With its HD display and 500 nits brightness, you can use the watch even on the brightest days. No compromise on the display quality, no matter the setting.

If you love a bigger display size for your smartwatches, Buzz Max is a great choice.

Advanced BT calling

This smartwatch lets you do the calling directly from your wrist. Whether you want to access the dial pad to initiate a call or receive a call, you can do it with Buzz Max without having to grab your phone. So, if you are someone who is almost always missing calls cause I didn’t see it, you need a single-chip BT calling smartwatch in your life.

You can also access your speed dial contacts from your smartwatch. Be ready to be more organized with Buzz Max.

Counting your steps and calories

Forgetting about downloading separate mobile apps to count your steps and so on. Buzz Max is a complete fitness partner that will track your steps and monitor calories burned throughout the day. You don’t need any other app or features for it. Just put on Buzz Max and everything will be monitored automatically, be it the few steps you take in the house or a full walking session outdoors.

You can also set your daily goals for steps and calories, and Buzz Max will notify you when you have successfully achieved your daily target.

Sleep and female health tracking

You thought only expensive smartwatches could do that? Buzz Max is ready to change that perception for you. It tracks your sleep and monitors the duration and quality of your sleep. You will know your average sleeping hours, how many times your sleep was interrupted, and more. These insights will help you plan your day better to get quality sleep.

Buzz Max also comes with a feature of female health tracking. You can enter your cycle dates and get notified when your period is due. You will also get useful insights into your fertility period so you can plan your stuff accordingly.

Amazing battery life

And Buzz Max has a wonderful battery life. It will last you a whole week which means you can go on with your activities without having to charge it. Whether you are taking a hiking trip to the mountains for the weekend or on a one-week vacay, you don’t need to take the charger along. Oh, and it has a standby time of 30 days!

If you don’t want another gadget to worry about charging and managing, then Buzz Max is just the smartwatch you need to own!


Read more about the features of Buzz Max here.


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