Must-Have Health Features to Look for in a Smartwatch

Must-Have Health Features to Look for in a Smartwatch

With the advent and popularity of smartwatches, people now have an easy way to keep a track of their health and fitness. A high-quality smartwatch monitors important aspects related to your health and gives you insights into your overall health. If you don’t own a smartwatch yet, let us tell you that are missing you. Anyhoo. Smartwatches come with interesting health features and once we you walk through the list, you’d definitely want to buy a smartwatch.

Let’s get started.

Top Health Features Your Smartwatch Should Have!

If you want to work on improving your health and fitness, getting a smartwatch is a good place to start from. Here is how!

Step Counter

Often the first thing most people do when trying to up their fitness game is getting into a walking routine. You must have seen people post their 10k step count on Instagram stories. A smartwatch uses accelerometers and altimeters to count steps, giving you good motivation to keep moving. Having a step counter on your smartwatch helps you track your progress and tells you how much and far you moved.

You can also set different step-count goals for yourself and celebrate your streaks.

Calorie Counter

With a calorie counter, you will know how many calories you burned throughout the day. Your smartwatch will count your calories during your workout and in an idle state. So, you will have a total count of calories burned during the day. And with that, you would know your calorie intake vs the calories you are burning. This information will help you predict your weight loss, control your diabetes, manage obesity, and take charge of other chronic diseases.

Sleep Tracker

With sleep monitoring, you get interesting and helpful insights into your health and overall well-being. Your smartwatch can monitor the duration and quality of your sleep. For example, you will know how long you slept, how long you were in deep sleep, and so much more. It will also record your heart rate when sleeping. 

Your smartwatch will record your sleep through motion tracking and heart rate tracking. It will measure your deep sleep and REM sleep, amongst other factors.

Female Health Tracking

This is one of the most interesting features. With female health tracking, you can easily keep a track of your menstrual cycle, recognize your cycle trends, and get better control of your fertility. You will no longer be caused by surprise because your smartwatch will remind you to prepare yourself for that time of the month.

Not only can you log your period but also record symptoms, share a clearer picture of your cycle with your doctor, know your cycle impacts your sleep and weight, and more.

Respiratory Rate Monitor

Your respiratory rate tells a lot about your health, such as any irregularities in breathing, chances of respiratory failures, and more. And with continuous monitoring of your respiratory rate, you have higher chances of early detection of diseases. It tells you how well the oxygen is being sent to different parts of your body.

Medicine Reminder

If you are someone who often forgets to take their medicine, you definitely need a smartwatch that reminds you to take your meds on time. The feature also lets you log in to your medicine and mark the time when you had the dose. You can always go back and check if you missed any days.

Other Features

That’s not it. Various other smartwatch features help you stay fit and control your fitness. For example, there are different sports modes to accurately record and calculate workouts. Your smartwatch will also send frequent reminders to move during the day. So, if you have been on the couch for a long time, your smartwatch will remind you to get up and get some steps in. Also, you will be able to know any changes in your health trends, such as your average resting heart rate for the week

That brings us to one question. Which smartwatch has all these features? Stay tuned because we are revealing some amazing smartwatches in the coming week!

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