Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Copies of Tech Gadgets

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Copies of Tech Gadgets

It doesn’t take long for counterfeit products to take over the market as soon as a premium product is launched. Of course, premium comes at a price. You won’t get an iPhone for Rs. 5000 nor would get a Louis Vuitton bag for Rs. 3500. All top-tier brands are expensive because of their OG technology, amazing ideation and execution, and brand value. But what’s also true is that not everyone can afford these brands which leaves a lot of room for others to create copies of these brands. From fashion to electronics and gadgets, you’ll find a counterfeit for literally everything in the world.

Is it illegal? No. But is it recommended? Also NO!

Here is why you should absolutely avoid buying cheaper copies of high-end tech products!

The aesthetic can be copied, but never the technology

Copying aesthetics is still possible but copying a top brand’s technology is almost impossible. For example, you will thousands of local companies selling Apple look-alikes. Making a product look similar to something is easier but Apple products aren’t valued for how they look only. It’s the experience of using those products. It’s the functionality that sets these products apart.

The good-looking product will soon make you realize that you wasted your money on the copy product. What’s a similar-looking product if it doesn’t work well?

Copy products aren’t reliable, to say the least

When you buy products from a brand-brand, you know what to expect and what you are signing from. For example, you know that anything from Apple is not going to malfunction the next day. You never know with copy products. The copy smartwatch might not work the next day and maybe three months later, it could start working again.

You can never depend on copies because their shelf life is not guaranteed. Eh. There are no guarantees with copies!

There is no hardware or software support

Copy products are not reliable and are made with cheap raw materials which means nobody can guarantee anything – and ultimately results in no support from the manufacturer. In case your product malfunctions, you cannot get it repaired by the official seller. Oh, we forgot, there is no official seller.

And because copy products don’t have anything definite or reliable, the local repair shops in your area might also not know how to get the thing going. There are high chances that if your copy tech product stops working, you might have to just throw it off.

And you have no answer when someone asks “which brand?”

That’s one of the biggest no-nos. Let’s say you got a new watch and someone asks you which brand is it. Boom! All that vibe went down the drain. Copy products don’t have any brand name and are only recognized as the cheaper version of a big brand. Don’t let that embarrass you in social gatherings.

That’s just some of the many reasons why getting to copy tech products are simply a waste of money. It’s completely okay to look for cheaper alternatives but always look for a reliable brand!

More on this will be coming soon!


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