Daniyal Naeem & Shaheeh Shah Afridi share the vision of ‘starting at zero’….

Daniyal Naeem & Shaheeh Shah Afridi share the vision of ‘starting at zero’….

We were super excited to hear Shaheen’s story of starting at zero and making his way to the list of top bowlers across the globe!

Team Zero was preparing for the mega launch of Zero Lifestyle when Daniyal Naeem, Founder of Zero Lifestyle, shared the screenshot of Shaheen’s tweet in our internal WhatsApp group and we had a fun chat on how this is exactly what our vision is.

Zero Lifestyle is all about hustling, not being afraid of starting from scratch, working passionately, and having eyes at the best price. And Shaheen’s tweet confirmed that he is just the perfect ZStar! We decided to invite him for a meetup and here is what happened next.

Daniyal shared a video on his social platforms tagging Shaheen and talked about his thoughts align with Zero Lifestyle and Daniyal’s vision. Daniyal invited him for a meetup since Shaheen was already in K-town, playing against New Zealand.

Team Zero Lifestyle was over the moon when we received a heads-up from Shaheen. It felt like things were working out naturally and we couldn’t be more grateful. Haha!

In the next few days, Daniyal and Shaheen had a nice meet-up to catch up on their journeys and the challenges they faced during their hustle. It was a fun conversation on what it means to start at zero and stay committed to your dreams, no matter what comes in the stay.

Daniyal shared how bringing high-tech and fast fashion products to Pakistan was challenging because he wanted to keep it affordable for everyone and ensure accessibility to top-tier smartwatches and other products.

And the meeting ended with Shaheen being the first ZStar and the official brand ambassador for Zero Lifestyle for the love of bringing tech to Pakistan!

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