Phantom just launched with 3 features that no other smartwatch has!

Phantom just launched with 3 features that no other smartwatch has!

Phantom sets itself apart from the competition with its remarkable and kickass features that truly elevate the wearable experience. And we have to admit that these crazy features are not found in any of Zero Lifestyle smartwatch either.

Let’s cut it short and introduce you to these features! 

The Revolutionary Phantom by Zero Lifestyle

The Amazing AMOLED Display

Phantom's AMOLED display is a total game-changer! Brace yourself for an explosion of vibrant colors and mind-blowing visuals that will make your jaw drop.

This fancy technology stands for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, but let's just call it AMOLED!

Now, let's talk about those jaw-dropping visuals. The AMOLED display on Phantom has the power to make colors pop like fireworks on a summer night, and the contrast is so sharp that you will feel like you're looking at a painting by Picasso himself.

From vivid greens to deep blues and everything in between, this display will make your watch faces, photos, and videos come alive with a level of detail that will leave you mesmerized.

It's also super smart when it comes to saving battery life. How, you ask? Well, unlike those old-school LCD displays that need a backlight to brighten up, our AMOLED display works its magic by activating individual pixels.

AMOLED displays have individual pixels that can switch on and off almost instantaneously. This results in reduced motion blur, making it ideal for displaying fast-moving content, such as sports or action-packed videos. The rapid response time ensures that images and animations appear smooth and fluid, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

That means when you're rocking a black watch face or using the always-on display feature, the display gets to take a chill pill because those black pixels simply turn off. It's like having a disco party where the lights only come on when you need them, saving the battery for all the fun stuff you want to do with your smartwatch.

Experience Always-On Display

The always-on display (AOD) feature has become increasingly popular in smartwatches, and the Phantom smartwatch takes full advantage of this functionality. The always-on display feature allows the watch face to remain visible even when the device is in standby mode or not actively in use.

Let's delve into the benefits and features of the always-on display.

Convenience is one of the primary advantages of the always-on display feature. With a quick glance at your wrist, you can effortlessly check the time, date, or other important information without the need to tap or wake up the display.

This is particularly useful in situations where you want to discreetly check the time during meetings, events, or when your hands are occupied.


And with Phantom’s always-on display feature, Zero Lifestyle enhances the overall user experience by providing continuous access to key information.

In addition to displaying the time, the always-on display can showcase notifications, step count, heart rate, and other relevant data, depending on the customization options available. This ensures that important information is readily available at a glance, without the need to activate the display fully.

And to optimize battery life with an always-on display, Phantom utilizes power-efficient technologies, aka AMOLED! As we mentioned earlier, it selectively illuminates only the necessary pixels while keeping the rest of the screen in a low-power state.

And Two Extra Smartwatch Straps

Confused about which color to get? We gotcha covered!

Phantom not only offers an impressive array of features and cutting-edge technology, but it also comes with an added bonus to enhance your style and versatility. With your purchase of the Phantom, you will receive not just one, but two extra pairs of straps, providing you with exciting color options and the freedom to switch up your look whenever you please.

These additional strap options are designed to seamlessly integrate with the sleek and modern aesthetic of Phantom. Whether you are going for a professional, sporty, or casual vibe, the extra straps ensure that your smartwatch perfectly complements your outfit and personal style.

You can effortlessly transform your Phantom to match any occasion, be it a formal event, a workout session, or a laid-back gathering with friends. You have the freedom to choose the strap color that resonates with your mood, preferences, or outfit of the day.

Want to make a bold statement with a vibrant red strap? Or perhaps a classic black or elegant silver to exude sophistication? The choice is yours, and the extra straps offer endless possibilities.



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